and Deviants

We want the tenacious, self-taught, the scrappy, passionate, the unafraid.

"What a beautiful,
unusual place to be."

Marc Eberhart

Work + Education

Equal Parts
Learning &

At Degreed, learning is sacred. We learn something new each day and we support that learning by giving you $1,200 per year. Build your skills while building Degreed.

Hello. I'm Sonja. -- Hello. I'm busy learning.

Work + Life

No Longer A Balancing Act

We believe in a complete life balance—Degreed should facilitate your personal commitments and your personal life should invigorate you for your work.

"The time has come to jailbreak the degree."

Work + Diversity

The More
Diverse Our
The More
Diverse Our

Our success in solving our problems depends not on our uniformity, but upon diversity, because our differences and uniqueness make us powerful.

"Big adventures are the best way to learn. This has been an adventure of a lifetime."

Kat Archibald
VP of Product

Just a Few of Our Benefits

  1. Flex Time

    We offer a 100% flexible schedule. You work when you want, where you want.

  2. Flex Ed

    We give employees $1,200 to learn anything they want. And unlimited dollars if it is job related.

  3. Maternity/Paternity

    Unlimited paid maternity and paternity leave with a commitment to return 2X duration.

  4. Part-Time w/ Benefits

    We offer part-time positions that include full benefits.

  5. In-Home Childcare

    We offer a stipend to cover in-home childcare for those who qualify.

  6. Unlimited PTO

    Unlimited. And a culture that makes good on it.

Open Positions