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Whether you’re looking to study abroad, go to college, take an online course or attend a conference – Degreed will fund the learning opportunities you’re passionate about. Why? We believe a person’s education is a collection of all their learning and life experiences – not just a formal degree. We’re here to level the playing field and give every individual the opportunity to continually learn, advance, and measure their true education.

All you need to do is complete the two criteria below:

  1. Write a 3 Minute Essay. In 100 words, tell us how you’ll use $1000 to pursue learning that intrigues you!
  2. Create a Degreed profile. Start documenting everything you are learning to demonstrate your passion, gain credit for your efforts, and ultimately measure your education.

Degreed reviews all scholarship applicants' profiles; the final winner is selected by our scholarship committee and notified by email.

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  • Outline how you’ll use $1,000 to gain knowledge and skills that fascinate you. Your learning plan may include formal or informal education, travel, internships, books, events – whatever best suits you.