A better way to show your skills.

With Degreed Skill Certification, you can certify the skills you have—any skill, any level, regardless of where you got them—so you can be ready for the next big thing.

Get certified. Any skill. Any level.

With 1500+ certifiable skills, Degreed Skill Certification lets you show the world what you're really made of.

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What is Skill Certification?

Degreed Skill Certification is a professional credential that finally makes it possible to prove the skills you have in a universal, up-to-date, and accurate way. Get your skills certified and show the world what you can do.

Degreed Skill Certification is:

  • A professional credential.
  • Based on your current ability and skills.
  • Proven over 95% accurate.

Degreed Skill Certification is NOT:

  • A class, course, or curriculum.
  • A test or exam.
  • An online badge.

How It Works

The Degreed Skill Certification is a scientifically-backed process that combines skill evidence, data science, endorsers, and reviews by an expertise panel, which results in your final Skill Level ranking.

Submit Evidence
Endorser Reviews
Expertise Panel
Final Ranking
Evidence Verification
Rank Ordering
Machine Learning

What You Get

After your application is reviewed, endorsed, and assessed, your mastery will be ranked objectively on a scale from 1 to 8. This is a simple and universal way for the world to understand your Skill Level. You'll be issued a digital certificate and verification link that you can use to show your skill to the world.

Person Certified
  • 1Beginner
  • 2Capable
  • 3 Intermediate
  • 4Effective
  • 5Experienced
  • 6Advanced
  • 7Distinguished
  • 8Master

Share, post or print your Degreed Skill Certification

Degreed Profile
Personal Site

Share, post or print your Degreed Skill Certification

Degreed Profile
Personal Site
Trophy Wall

Ready to get certified? Here's what you need:


Assert your skill by providing three statements that demonstrate your expertise. These should represent both the breadth and the depth of your ability.


Describe your experience with each of your skill behaviors. This will be used throughout the process to assess and certify your skill.


Provide three references who have first-hand knowledge of your skill and can vouch for the accuracy of your evidence.

The certification process will walk you through each step and provide all the support you need along the way.

‘ Whether you're male or female, whatever your race, religion or gender—none of that matters. For a diverse, inclusive workforce, Degreed Skill Certification is magical and is the great equalizer we haven't had till now.’

-Beth Davies, Learning & Development at Tesla, Microsoft, Apple

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