Not because it is easy...

Our Mission

In 2012, co-founders David Blake and Eric Sharp started Degreed with the mission to 'Jailbreak the Degree.' Inspired by JFK's Rice University speech, they set out to take on a big, audacious goal–not because it is easy, but because it is hard. Since then, we've grown to over 3 million users worldwide who believe there is no single path to expertise.

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  • David Blake

    David Blake

    Co-founder & Executive Chairman

  • Chris McCarthy

    Chris McCarthy

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Eric Sharp

    Eric Sharp

    Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer

  • Kat Kennedy

    Kat Kennedy

    Chief Product Officer

  • Marc Eberhart

    Marc Eberhart

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Kelly Palmer

    Kelly Palmer

    Chief Learning Officer

  • TJ Williams

    TJ Williams

    Chief Sales Officer

  • Scott Lindeman

    Scott Lindeman

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Nate Kimmons

    Nate Kimmons

    Chief of Staff and Business Operations