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the Degree


We face the biggest challenges humanity has ever encountered. We need extraordinary experts to solve those challenges and make the unthinkable reality. Experts who can heal, discover, challenge, and advance.

Degreed exists to discover, empower, and recognize the next generation of the world's expertise. The smartest, brightest, and most bold, the tenacious, willing, the unsung heroes, self-taught, the scrappy, driven, the passionate, daring, the unafraid. Experts.


There is no single path to expertise. And our success in solving our unique problems depends not upon uniformity, but on our diversity, because our differences and uniqueness make us powerful. Everyone deserves recognition for their expertise, no matter how they got there.

The future depends on our commitment to be our best selves and discover our own personal missions. To become experts—each of us. The challenges of the future won't care how you became an expert, just that you did. And that you made a difference.

Own your expertise. And join us in solving the future. Degreed


A Brief History

Degreed Wasn’t
Built In A Day

David Blake holding cardboard sign: 'Education is broken. Someone Should Do Something.'
March 22, 2012

An Idea Comes to Life

If you ask someone, “Tell me about your education” they will answer with their degree or what university they attended. Believing this is inadequate in a world where we are increasingly learning from a diversity of sources over the entirety of our lives, Degreed was born to be the world’s first lifelong learning platform to track, discover, and recognize ALL learning.

May 5, 2012

Jailbreaking the Degree

Degreed’s mission to ‘Jailbreak the Degree’ is published by Techcrunch.
Jailbreak verb. 1 To get out of a restricted mode of operation. 2 To enable use of a product not intended by the manufacturer.

“Education isn’t all-or-nothing. College and its primary credential, the degree, needn’t be either. The benefit of modern, online education is that the burden of logistics and infrastructure are greatly reduced, allowing for the potential of a fluid, lifelong education model.”

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Snapshot of Founding Scholar list
November 1, 2012

20,000 Founding Scholars

Degreed launches in early BETA to the 20,000 who signed their names as ‘Founding Scholars’:
“‘The tight connection between college degrees and economic success may be a nearly unquestioned part of our social order. Future generations may look back and shudder at the cruelty of it.’ The government cannot fix the problem, nor will the university. But you can. ‘Never doubt that a…group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.’ Join us, the undersigned, to incite a new education.”

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John F. Kennedy wearing sunglasses
December 1, 2012

Education is Our Sputnik Moment

Degreed crowdfunded it’s launch with a JFK-themed campaign. Donors who gave over $1,000 were named our ‘Founding Donors.’

“Now is a time of unprecedented challenge and change in education. Obama has called education ‘our generation's sputnik moment’.”

The Degreed campaign launched on the 50 year anniversary of JFK’s inspiring ‘Go to the Moon’ speech.

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Spaceshuttle launching into space
January 20, 2013

Degreed Launches to the Public

Imagine if your diploma actually measured EVERYTHING you have learned!

Watch Our Launch Video >

“Probably my favourite web service ever! Perfect idea for self-learning management system: planning learning roadmap, building body of knowledge, tracking study progress and results, managing knowledge database…great work!” ―Y.C. Pan

Mark Cuban
Spring 2013

Degreed Attracts Top Investors

Degreed raises $1.8M Seed Round from top investors from the world of business, venture capital, and edtech, including Deborah Quazzo, Mark Cuban, Mike Levinthal, Chris Eyre, Larry Rosenberger, Kaplan, and Walt Winshall.

“Degreed allows organizations to inventory their existing employees, train them, and track it all. And, when employees do have external training or experience, have the company give them credit for it—I think that’s critical.” ―Mark Cuban

Summer 2013

Techstars EdTech Accelerator NYC

“Facebook brought you the social graph, LinkedIn brought you the professional graph, now Degreed brings you knowledge graph.”

Watch Our Demo Day Video >

David Wiley

Degreed Advisory Board

Degreed attracts the top minds in disruptive education.

  • David Wiley, Co-founder, initial Board of Directors and Advisor
  • Michael Horn, Advisor
  • Josh Bersin, Advisor
  • Dale Stephens, Advisor
Degreed tracks all learning
Fall 2014

Degreed for Enterprise Launches

“Your needs have changed, the world has evolved, but the [learning management] tools haven’t. It is because they were built to meet the needs of HR, not the learner. Degreed’s enterprise solution changes all of that. We help organizations empower and measure ALL learning. For the first time can see everything your employees know.”

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Gartner: Five Star Rating

Gartner Names Degreed
“Top 5 Cool Education Companies”

Degreed is honored as a Gartner Top 5 Cool Education Company in 2014, citing disruptive innovation that provides legitimization and learning pathways in support of digital learning moments.

“Degreed is a ‘continuous learning platform’. I use it everyday. It’s changing the way I learn.”
―Neal Stimler

Sample of company logos

Leading Companies Join Degreed

Degreed’s Enterprise Platform grows from 3 to nearly 100 clients in 2015 as companies like Tesla, Atlassian, MasterCard, and Xerox join Degreed to help their teams track, discover, and recognize all learning.

“We love that Degreed enables our people to learn and share best practices”
―Lorie L&D manager at Lithia


Our Principles



Many enterprise SaaS companies allow sales to become the tail that wags the dog. Many consumer tech companies enthrone engineers. At Degreed, neither is acceptable. Our mission requires the coordinated efforts of everyone and all teams are equally important.


Moderately Flat

We are neither perfectly flat nor deeply hierarchical. We seek to remain moderately flat to enable collaboration, the efficient flow of information and the empowering of decision making.

There are no Jr. or Sr. titles at Degreed. We rarely pull rank. We do not have a traditional org chart; rather, everyone belongs to a team, often several.



We seek equality—gender, ethnic, and otherwise—in our teams, practices, and process.

Our goal is that every team is 50/50 gender balanced and that every office reflect the diversity of the market where it operates.

Compensation is either universal or matrixed by skill level, depending on the team, to ensure equality of pay for all.



We seek empathy for our users and each other.

We follow a human-centered design approach and always build for the learner first—not the enterprise buyer.

The Degreed team is awesome albeit human. We operate with empathy when a disagreement or problem arises. We put the mission first and assume the best in each other. Sacrifice on behalf of each other is part of the price we pay to ensure the principles of our culture.



We believe flexibility is a form of empowerment that enables the individual to make trade-offs in their own lives that maximize efficiency and happiness.

We operate by the "natural constraints" inherent to each job, but seek to never impose "artificial constraints". This means we empower maximum flexibility. We have unlimited paid time off and holidays. People choose whether and when they work from home or the office.



100% commitment is the price we pay to achieve our mission and facilitate our extreme flexibility.

At Degreed, no employee freelances or moonlights outside Degreed. Everyone is permitted any hobby, interest, or personal project but the line is drawn at commercial activities.

Degreed is committed to self improvement, training, and helping each of us succeed in our personal missions.



Degreed is a team, not your family. Your family is more important than your team.

Degreed should always enable success in your family, not inhibit it.

We are committed to the recognition of marriage equality.



Outcomes, not activities. We burn orange hot and march 20 miles a day. Never yellow...never red.

Mistakes are forgiven but mediocrity is not. We seek to be problem solvers, resourceful, measured in our outcomes.

We seek the immense...the audacious. Our mission requires the very best of our energies and skills.


Candor & Coachability

We believe in accountability. It is our goal that everyone always knows where they stand and we are ok to have tough conversations. We don't talk in hypotheticals: we use real names of real people in real situations.

When we fall short of operational excellence or the principles of our culture, it is often easier to say nothing. Rather, we aim to use each of those moments to coach and learn, to improve ourselves and protect our culture.



Internally, we strive to be as transparent as legally possible. We believe this keeps the organization centered around the mission, focused on the top priorities, and gives context to our decisions.



We want to be the best learning organization in the world. Learning is sacred at Degreed.

We provide the time, money, and resources so every employee has the opportunity to learn, grow and achieve their personal missions.

We say 'yes' to any and all learning opportunities as long as Degreed's cash position is on plan. We eat our own dog food. Degreed and FlexEd should always be leveraged in your learning.


If It Ends, It Ends

We're zealots when it comes to our mission to 'jailbreak the degree'. It guides all of our operating decisions, the product roadmap, our team and our culture.

No individual is more important than the mission. No client is more important than the mission.

We exist to achieve the mission, not to be self perpetuating. We'll bet the farm in order to accomplish the mission, even if it means we end up farm-less.

Join Our Mission

Not Because
It Is Easy

“This goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because this challenge is one we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win.”